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With professional HR consultants and diverse kinds of companies

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Are you an employer looking for hard-working, skilled/semi-skilled employees?  Your searching stops here!  We are the licensed expert helping to hire skilled and knowledgeable workers from overseas for you!

Looking for jobs in Canada

Are you a foreign national looking for a job in Canada?  Your seek fulfilled here!  We have the expertise to match your skills to the right position by helping you through the work permit application process.

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Multilingual technical support

As a member in good standing with RCIC, “ICANVISION Talent Exchange” is a dedicated team of professionals committed to meeting the talent exchange needs of employers and employees.

We provide services in the following languages:
English🇨🇦, Mandarin🇨🇳, Cantonese🇨🇳 and Vietnamese🇻🇳.

To serve you better, please complete this online self-assessment or contact us for more information.

"We are desperately looking for a versatile architecture designer for our fast-growing construction business but hard to find the right talent to fit this position.  ICANVISION Talent Exchange recruiting expert worked out an alternative of finding temporary foreign workers through LMIA program, and luckily, we have the perfect skillful designer come on board soon!  Their professionalism helps me out of my headache!"

Mr. Liu
from a construction company

3 months ago

"Icanvision provides us more than just recruiting services but a strategic HR partnership to deal with our labour shortage issues.  Their expertise in LMIA program expedite the application process and quickly find the match person for our long-opening software engineer position.  Big THANKS to Icanvision!"

from an IT software company

6 months ago

"Icanvison expert did really guide me through this job-seeking process in Canada and the following immigration applications!  They not just help to vision my work and life in Canada but really help to realize it!  Choosing Icanvision for my job-seeking and immigration service is a no-regret journey!"

Admin Assistant
2 months ago

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