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Finding jobs

Canadian employers are experiencing a workforce gap in Canada local labour market and accepting new immigrants to the country is a long-term strategy to solve this problem.  But it doesn’t mean finding a job in Canada is an easy thing as the policies may vary from province to province and applying process could be overwhelming for job seekers from overseas.

Our services for you to find jobs in Canada

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Evaluate your resume

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Assist you for 

the interview preparation


Find you

the right employer

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Settlement service and accommodation training

Procedure for finding jobs in Canada

  • Step 1: Train you on how to write a Canadian resume

  • Step 2: Train you on how to prepare for the Interview

  • Step 3: Recommend you to the right employer

  • Step 4: Represent you to apply for a work permit

  • Transferring skills and licenses

  • English Language skills

  • Settlement services

Rights as worker in Canada

As foreign professionals, you have the same right as local workers. We are here to help you adjust to the new work environment. 

Some rights includes: 

  • Non-discriminatory work environment

  • Health and safety rights

  • Adequate compensation for work performed


Check what do you need to work in Canada

Assessment on your eligibility for work and live in Canada

Hot positions for foreign workers

Building a Computer

Hospitality & care

Software development

Loading Semitrucks

Truck driver

Construction Manager


Hotel Reception

Building Manager

Civilian Engineer



Aluminum Supplier


Tell us
about yourself

In order to serve you better, please fill the form as an employee

Super clear instructions to me for every step finding a suitable job in Canada and more than that, they also help me through all the work permit application process and even well plan for my next step preparation for my immigration!  I am well impressed by their professionalism!


Skilled worker from catering service industry

Supreme Court


Professionally qualified HR, federally registered immigration consultant

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